Pacific Light Data Communication Co. Ltd. | PLDC Acquires China EIA Approval
PLCN, PLDC, Hong Kong
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PLDC Acquires China EIA Approval

PLDC Acquires China EIA Approval

Pacific Light Data Communication Co., Ltd. (PLDC), joint owner of the Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN) is pleased to announce today that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of PLCN has been approved by Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China.

As all Hong Kong – landing submarine cables go through China territorial waters when extending from Hong Kong seashore, the EIA approval from the government of China is a prerequisite of next steps – applying for China Sea Area Utilization and Installation Permit. The EIA of PLCN is the first EIA that Chinese government approved for Hong Kong – U.S. submarine cables. It is a remarkable milestone for PLCN and ensures the project’s time-leading position in Transpacific submarine cable market.

PLDC together with PLCN’s joint-builders will continue to make efforts to complete remaining project works and launch service at early Q3 2019.

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